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Billal Hossain


Billal Hossain – Publisher and Editor

    • Categories: Bangladesh, Economic, Financial, Global, Political, Remittance, Reserves



Sajeda Akter


Sajeda Akter – Co-Editor and Author

    • Categories: International, Challenges, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Family, Education



Ashraful Islam Mehedi


Ashraful Islam Mehedi – Author

    • Categories: Economic, Financial, Challenges, Technology, Food and Nutrition, Sports




Umme Husna Asha – Author and Columnist

Categories: Economic, Global, Remittance, Reserve, Agriculture





Akhi Begum


Akhi Begum – Author and Columnist

    • Categories: Political, Economic, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education





Iqbal Mollah – Author

    • Categories: Political, International, Bangladesh, Travel and Tourism






Ruksana Ahmed Munni – Author

    • Categories: Education, Entertainment, Family, Lifestyle



Nabil Bin Billal


Nabil Bin Billal – Tech Writer and SEO Manager

    • Categories: Technology, Science, Trending