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A Miss World Bangladesh-2023 – Shammi Islam Neela: Thinking  From Crown to Responsibility

Shammi Islam Neela became the champion of Miss World Bangladesh-2023

Shammi Islam Neela’s coronation as Miss World Bangladesh-2023 marks the beginning of a transformative odyssey that transcends the glamorous facade of beauty pageants. Amid quiet celebrations at Munshiganj’s Mana Bay Water Park, Neela emerged as a symbol of grace and responsibility. Her gleeful acknowledgment of the weight of the crown and her commitment to the ‘Beauty with Purpose’ theme speak to her desire for positive change on the international stage. As Nila steps into the spotlight, her journey unfolds not only as a personal triumph, but also a narrative that interweaves beauty with a deep sense of duty.

  1. Neela’s Perspective: Long Awaited Victory

Shammi Islam Neela, with a radiant glow of victory, stood at the press conference of the newly crowned Miss World Bangladesh-2023. In a moment of honesty, she unleashed her emotions and declared, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The journey is just beginning; there’s a long way to go. I want everyone’s blessings and love.” His words resonate with the weight of anticipation, the culmination of lingering dreams and aspirations from his childhood. Neela’s joy is not only a personal milestone but also a shared victory, celebrated by those who witnessed her journey.

Yet, amidst the joy, Neela’s transparency reveals a nuanced understanding of the responsibilities that accompany the title. Beyond the shiny facade of the crown, he admits to a deep sense of duty that has become an integral part of his new role. Recognition of the challenges ahead and the transformative path that lies ahead sets the tone for a journey that transcends superficial, inspired beauty with a deeper purpose. As Neela takes her reign, her vision becomes a beacon, lighting the way toward a narrative that integrates beauty and responsibility in a harmonious symphony.

  1. Acknowledging the weight of the crown

In a moment of effortless sincerity, Shammi Islam sheds light on the deep significance of the crown Neela now wears. His admission goes beyond the surface lure of fulfilling a dream, as he poignantly comments, “It’s not just a dream but a big responsibility.” Neela’s words carry the weight of understanding that the title she holds is not merely ornamental; It is a mantle of influence and a platform for meaningful change.

Accepting considerable responsibility is a testament to Neela’s mature outlook, that her role extends beyond the confines of glamor and beauty. In his quest to create a lasting impact, he highlighted the need to build a collective mindset to adapt to the multifaceted challenges ahead. Neela’s ambition transcends personal glory, as she articulates her vision to project Bangladesh on the international stage with unmatched excellence. His commitment became not only for personal success but also for a collective effort to raise the image of his nation and create a positive impact globally. In this acceptance of responsibility, Neela emerges not just as a beauty queen, but as an ambassador ready to represent Bangladesh for meaningful causes and with unwavering devotion.

  1. Beauty with a Purpose: Neela’s Vision for Change

The resonant theme of ‘Beauty with Purpose’ at the Miss World-2023 pageant has found Shammi Islam Neela a passionate advocate. Her commitment to these principles transcends the traditional glamor associated with beauty pageants, as she unveils a vision for real change. Neela, now armed with the mantle of responsibility, sets her sights on solving a pervasive social problem – the plight of begging.

In a declaration that encapsulates her commitment to meaningful change, Neela said, “I want to work on the cure of begging. I want to present this issue on the international stage.” His words resonate with a deep understanding of the global platform he now commands and the potential to shed light on pressing concerns. Neela’s commitment goes beyond mere rhetoric, as she expresses a strong will to do whatever it takes to remedy the problem at hand. In this, she not only epitomizes ‘beauty with a purpose’ but emerges as a catalyst for social transformation. Neela extends an invitation to the people of Bangladesh to stand with her, pioneering a path where beauty becomes a powerful force for positive change, challenging stereotypes and advocating for those whose voices are often not heard.

  1. Neela’s background and aspirations

The vibrancy of Dhaka city, Shammi Islam Nila brings a unique blend of cultural richness and contemporary aspirations to her role as Miss World Bangladesh-2023. As a dedicated BBA student at North South University, Neela’s academic pursuits stand as a testament to her commitment to personal growth and excellence beyond fashion and beauty.

Neela’s journey in the world of modeling and influencing has spanned an impressive three years, where her unique style and influence has captivated the audience of the Bangladeshi fashion and beauty industry. Her childhood dream of participating in the famous Miss World pageant has turned into a tangible reality, signifying not only a personal achievement but also the fulfillment of an abiding ambition.

Aiming to represent Bangladesh on the global stage, Nila tries to use her platform to draw attention to social issues close to her heart. His background and aspirations are seamlessly intertwined, creating a narrative that celebrates both individual achievement and a collective pride as he carries the hopes and dreams of his nation into the international spotlight. In Nila, Bangladesh finds not just a representative, but a beacon of inspiration, who embodies the spirit of a new generation ready to make a positive impact on the world stage.

  1. Vision of the organizers: Creating an impactful journey

Rakibul Hasan, Sanjida Haque Arefin Luna, and Miss World Bangladesh licensee Mehdi Hasan, the architect behind the Miss World Bangladesh-2023 event, stand like silent orchestrators of a dream turned into reality. As crowned champion Shammi Islam Nila witnesses the transformative journey of the contestants, their vision of the competition extends beyond the stage lights and the jingle of the crown.

In their short tapestry of visions, the organizers lauded the contestants’ dedication that transcends the superficial, seamlessly aligning with the overarching theme of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. The earnestness with which the participants, and Neela in particular, exert their influence for social good resonates with the principles that the organizers envisioned for the competition. Their collective effort to provide a platform where beauty becomes a force for positive change is embodied in influential narratives and championed by contestants.

Expressing unwavering confidence in Neela’s ability to make a meaningful impact, organizers amplify the importance of the Miss World platform in shaping influential voices that transcend the boundaries of conventional beauty pageants. In their view, the journey undertaken by Nila and her fellow contestants becomes a testament to the transformative power of beauty when infused with purpose. As Nila prepares to carry Bangladesh’s flag to the global stage, the organizers’ vision expands the significance of the journey undertaken not just by an individual, but by a collective effort to redefine the narrative of beauty and responsibility in the pageant realm.

  1. Future aspirations: Miss World and beyond

Shammi Islam Neela’s narrative unfolds beyond the shining moments of winning the national crown. As crowned Miss World Bangladesh-2023, her journey takes her to a bigger stage — the 71st edition of Miss World to be held in India. Beyond the borders of her homeland, Neela will gather in Delhi on February 18 to join various winners from different countries, as they collectively prepare for the grand event scheduled for the Miss World-2023 pageant.

In every step he takes, the sapphire becomes a symbol of hope, resilience and cultural richness that Bangladesh proudly embraces. Her story, written with determination and compassion, transcends geographical and cultural boundaries and resonates with individuals from all walks of life. As the nation rallies behind her, there is a palpable sense of unity and pride, as Bangladesh eagerly awaits Neela’s journey to unfold on the global stage.

As a beacon of hope and inspiration, Neela has become a bridge connecting the hopes and aspirations of the people of Bangladesh with the world. Her presentation transcends the boundaries of a beauty pageant; It becomes a testament to the strength, talent and diversity that defines the fabric of Bangladesh. When Neela stepped into the spotlight, she carried not just a crown but the hopes and dreams of a nation, turning her journey into a collective narrative that resonated in the hearts of those eagerly awaiting the unfolding of Bangladesh’s story on the international stage.


As Shammi Islam Nila prepares to represent Bangladesh on the global stage at the 71st edition of Miss World, her journey reflects a narrative of resilience, purpose and national pride. The dream Neela nurtured since childhood has transformed into a platform to address social issues with a special focus on the plight of beggars. The people of Bangladesh, eagerly awaiting Neela’s representation, are ready to witness a story that transcends glamour, an echo of a story of beauty matched with a compelling sense of responsibility.

Her story, woven with threads of determination and purpose, stands as a testament to the potential for meaningful impact that beauty queens can have beyond the pageant realm. Neela’s focus on tackling the issue of begging exemplifies her commitment to making a difference in society, using her platform for a cause bigger than herself.

Umme Husna
Umme Husna
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